We are a multiethnic church affiliated with the Assemblies of God in the heart of Dallas and we exist for bringing heaven down to earth.


Our mission is simple yet profound

We believe in creating an atmosphere where individuals can encounter God’s presence, experience His grace, and find hope and healing for their lives. Through engaging worship, practical teaching, and intentional outreach, we seek to impact our community and beyond with the transformative power of the Gospel.

Our vision is to be a vibrant, Christ-centered community where people from all walks of life can encounter God, grow in their faith, and be empowered to live out their God-given purpose.

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Helping students of all ages to grow in knowledge and communion with God so that they are equipped to live out their faith, defend their beliefs, and be a blessing to others.

We strive to maintain a safe, secure, and loving environment, where our children are encouraged to participate and serve God willingly with their whole hearts.

Purpose of our sisterhood fellowship is to encourage each other and to build each other for the glory of the Lord through personal testimonies, Bible studies and prayer.

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For further information about us or to plan your next visit, simply text “GUEST” to 855-484-5709. We look forward to connecting with you!