Location Based Community Groups

Zion church members can attend and be part of community groups in and around their area in this setting. Here, the community groups are split as East Dallas, North Dallas and West Dallas. Each month community formation takes place in each location once. Each group have their own bible study.

Demographic Based Community Groups

There are 4 community groups under this category – Single men, Single women, Zion Sisterhood and Entrepreneur. These groups specifically cater to the spiritual growth and needs of individuals of the same gender and in the same life stage.

Study Based

This study based community group specially formed to support young adults in their spiritual journey, specific to the area of dating and finding the right person with Godly counsel and guidance. The study currently delves into the book of Song of Solomon.

Join a Community Group

To become a part of our vibrant community groups, simply text “COMMUNITY” to 855-484-5709 and join us on this journey of faith, friendship, and growth.