Day 3 of fasting & prayer

Joshua was one of only two people who journeyed from the wilderness and into the promised land. In his final message to the nation of Israel just before he died, Joshua reminded them twice of God’s faithfulness – that He was the one who fought on their behalf, and that He had never failed to bring victory to the Israelites. He commanded them not to associate with the people who lived in the lands or with their gods, but to remain wholly devoted to God alone.

Our devotion to God positions us for a breakthrough. When we are fully devoted to God, our thoughts and actions come into alignment with His. We learn to persist through difficult times because of an unrelenting commitment to His call and His cause. These are the ingredients that precede breakthrough and help us punch above our weight, putting to flight a thousand of the enemy!

 Our devotion will be tested but we must hold on. Joshua told the Israelites to cling tightly to God – he knew that there would be temptation and tests that would try and draw them away from God. The Bible says that in these last days the love of many will grow cold. As you start this new year, decide in your heart that this will be a year where you remain fiercely devoted to God’s purposes for you!

Begin with the small things. Don’t neglect your times of personal devotion, prayer, and the gathering of God’s people. Choose to remain devoted to God!