YAY!! It’s Thanksgiving Day, and though we’ve decided to skip straight to Christmas on many fronts, there’s this holiday that we celebrate with friends and families called Thanksgiving. I love the concept of Thanksgiving. It’s a whole day set aside to celebrate God’s blessings and encourage a spirit of thankfulness. But if I’m honest, the most thankfulness I practice on Thanksgiving is the prayer I utter right before I dig into my food. Genuine thankfulness, the kind that exudes gratefulness to God, does not come easily or naturally to me. Still, I want to learn thankfulness, because I want to deeply appreciate the blessings and gifts God graciously provides.

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” Psalm 95:2

Practicing thankfulness isn’t easy, but I believe it is so worth it.

I stated earlier that I want to learn to be genuinely thankful toward God. I sometimes think of God as a hardworking, dedicated father who is working to put food on the table for His kids. While I believe God encourages us to ask Him for both needs and wants, I never want to take for granted that He is faithfully providing what I need.

My heart is in a genuine place, but sometimes (most times) I still grumble. I don’t give up, though. Since thankfulness is important to God, He will work to develop it in me. This Thanksgiving let’s celebrate the day by reflecting on our awesome God and thanking Him for the countless ways He cares for us. Remember the Lamb that was sacrificed while your sharp knife cuts through the well cooked Turkey!

What are some ways you have seen God provide for you? What are some things you can thank Him for today?

Pastor Justin Sabu
Zion Church, Dallas