Day 1 of fasting and prayer

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. As we come before God in the next 3 days of fasting and prayer, God will renew our faith, launch new dreams and release us into our destiny. This in turn will result in a revival that changes the spiritual landscape of our nation!

Our theme for these 3 days and this year  is ‘Position Yourself’. We believe that in this season God wants to take our positions in His kingdom. This results in not just our spiritual growth but also advancing His Kingdom! Staying in position, there’s a greater sense of God’s presence, clarity in hearing His voice, and a release of His favor and power on our lives.

We fix our minds and hearts on Returning to God. We begin our journey with humility and a heart that’s marked with a desperate desire to come back to God. We must decide in our hearts that it’s God or nothing. Let’s lay hold of God and not let Him go until He blesses us. God will reward your spiritual hunger for Him with great satisfaction!

When David wrote Psalm 63, he was running away from someone who wanted to kill him. Anyone would be desperate to get out of those circumstances. But instead of asking God to deliver him from his situation, David cried out in desperation for God Himself! David recognized his need for God, and knew how important it was to search not just for deliverance, but for the One who could deliver him.

Like David, we must seek God earnestly. Put aside other things to make time to read His Word, pray, and be in His presence. Be aggressive about not letting urgent things crowd out what is most important – an encounter with God. God promises that those who seek Him will find Him, so decide today that you will stay the course over the next 3 days and this year to seek His face.

Like David, we must long for God. Ask God to stir up a fresh hunger and thirst for the things of God. Choose to deny your flesh through fasting and ask God to give you a renewed desire for spiritual things.

We believe that this year we will get desperate for God as we position our lives. Let’s straighten up our priorities and make Him our greatest desire and our greatest pursuit this year!