You will always hear as a popular saying “ I am not perfect.” You might be caught up with such saying one way or the other. Whenever someone falls short, it’s like behavioral therapy. A consolation for certain behaviors. You might be struggling to believe that an ordinary human being cannot be a perfectionist. If the word of God which is our manual, our spiritual mirror, our road map, our spiritual food says so, there is no limitation to attain that height. You can be flawless, it is possible. To flourish is the heritage of the righteous.

Yes, all things are possible to you if you believe. ( Mark 9:23)  As fellow human beings, mistakes are made and this does not mean everything in your life has to be on hold because you are waiting for that perfect time, perfect plan etc. Keep doing your best, be who you are while God is mending the broken bridges.

In the old testament days before sin was conquered and the redemption of man, God boasted about one man to the devil that, he was perfect and upright in heart. That man was Job. ( Job 1: 8) ( job 1:1)

Jesus Himself said in Matthew 5:48  “Be ye perfect just as My Father in heaven is perfect.” This tells you that it can be done. No sooner you declare that “you are not perfect,” life takes a different turn. You see, things will always be working only in one area while other areas lie dormant. Maybe in other areas, the will of God is not enforced. There is a solution to that problem, striving to thrive for perfection. It can be done when you totally surrender all areas of your life to the will and purpose of God.

God wants you to be in total perfection so that you are satisfied physically, spiritually, mentally, socially, financially, materially.

David understood the secret of perfection that it works with God’s mercies. He knew his flesh sometimes gets in the way so he surrendered totally to God’s will. He prayed in Psalm 138:8 “Perfect all that concerns me oh God, thy mercies endures forever. Forsake not the works of thy hands.” ( KJV)

David said, “all that concerns him” leaving no room for just some.

This is my prayer for you, may the Good Lord perfect all that concerns you, in all areas of your life through His mercies which endures forever amen.

By Glory Conteh Prince